A Painted Piece of America



Chicago is a vast and intriguing city. We were able to find a bunch of free things to do - from Navy Pier, to free art museums, to the Lincoln Park zoo! A visit to the Bahá’í temple was a beautiful sight as well. Live music and deep dish pizza rounded out our visit, making it a very eventful city, even on a tight budget! 

Chicago, IL

Traditional Iowa sweet corn! 

Traditional Iowa sweet corn! 

Monuments Along the Way:

1. Devil’s Tower, a.k.a. Bear’s Teepee, natural monument in Wyoming. 

2. Crazy Horse, man-made memorial in South Dakota. 

3. Mount Rushmore, man-made national monument in South Dakota. 

Yellowstone & Grand Tetons National Parks

Yellowstone was a very interesting park! Steam spewed up from the ground, mud bubbled and broiled, and water shot up like a rocket from the earth, a.k.a. Old Faithful. Wildlife was in abundance as well - We were initially greeted at the main gate by a herd of elk, then went on to spy a brown bear by the roadside and a group of bison. Admittedly, the thought of a raging caldera beneath our feet made us a little nervous, but it was a spectacular visit nonetheless! The Grand Tetons were one the most amazing mountain ranges we saw on the entire trip, if not the most beautiful. Truly breathtaking! An added bonus was being surrounded by so much good-smelling sage :) 

Yellowstone, WY

Yellowstone & Grand Tetons, WY


Seattle was a really interesting city. We spent the 4th of July there and got to see fireworks from Alki beach. The pictures show the infamous gum wall at Pike’s Place Market and the troll under the Fremont bridge. 

Seattle, WA


The yeti state! We drove to Seaside and visited Portland as well. Crater Lake is absolutely gorgeous, and we made a little friend out of snow :)